Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I rank?

Every user has the right to rank a weight class every 3 days.

How does the ranking actually work?

The rankings are based on data from the last 7 days, and are updated in real time. Even if a user has ranked weight classes more than once during that time. The rankings are then compared to the 7 days prior to that, and points out if any changes has been. Like if a fighter has changed position, or if a fighter has entered top 10.

Why isn't fighter X in the rankings?

We are currently archiving about 150 fighters per weight class. This depends on demand, and/or inactivity and popularity.

A fighter is in the wrong weight class!

Fighters are put in weight classes when we update the database every Sunday or Monday. The weight class they are in are based on their last fight. But if you still think this is something that's wrong, send the creator an email and he can update it manually.

Why is X weight class missing?

Well, if we add ALL weight classes it'll take forever to actually complete them. Currently we have all the weightclasses that are in the UFC. But we could add the remaining weightclasses if there is a demand for it.

Hey man, I can't rank on mobile phones or tablets!

Currently, the ranking system does not support mobile and tablet usage. Sorry! But it will hopefully be coming soon.

Why do you actually need my email?

Well, the truth is we don't. But often times people wants reminderas when they are able to rank fighters again since there are a waiting period for rankings. So we made an opt-in instead to be able to send emails when ranking are available. But we do NOT give your email or information to any third party, and never will.

I found a bug and/or spelling error!

What?! Nooo. Only humans makes mistakes, this cannot be true! Well, the creator might be human, so send him an email about it and I'm sure he'll fix it ASAP.

I have a suggestion and/or an idea for the site!

Awesome! Let us hear it! Just send the creator an email to get his attention.

I haven't found an answer to my question?

Make it a frequently asked question by sending the creator a question.

Submit your rankings!

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